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Adding tags for clicks on the giving form

To track donors proceeding through the giving form you can add Google Tags to your analytics. 

To add a tag for the donate now button in the giving form:

  1. Add a Google Analytics pageview tag if one does not already exist. This tag must fire on all pages.
  2. Enable Tag Manager to capture clicked class and ID values:
    1. Click Variables.
    2. In the Built-In Variables section, click Configure.
    3. Select the Click Classes and Click ID built-in variables.
  3. Create a new trigger that fires when a link has a class attribute value of Donate $100 Now:
    1. Click Triggers > New.
    2. Click Trigger Configuration > All Elements.
    3. Enable this trigger when all of these conditions are true: Your page URL that contains the giving form.and then
    4. This trigger fires on Some Clicks and then Click Classes contains  id="btnSubmitNewDonation"
    5. Save the trigger and name it "Donate Now Button Trigger" when prompted.
  4. Create a tag to capture the ID attribute values for a clicked image:
    1. Click Tags > New.
    2. Click Tag Configuration > Universal Analytics.
    3. Set Track Type to Event.
    4. Complete the Event Tracking Parameters:
      • Category: Donate Now Button
      • Action: Click
      • Label: {{Click ID}}
        Note: the curly braces are used in text fields and custom code to replace a valid Tag Manager variable name with the relevant value retrieved from the event.
      • Non-Interaction Hit: False
      • Google Analytics Settings: Select an existing Google Analytics Settings variable, or create a new one if necessary.
    5. Click Triggering and select the trigger that you created in step 3, titled "Donate Now Button Trigger".
    6. Save the tag as "Event Tag - Donate Now Button Click".
  5. Publish the container.

To find the Click button ID on the giving form:

1. Go to your giving from right-click button you want the ID for. 

2. Click inspect

3. Copy the button ID. 

NOTE: Additional tags can be added for other buttons within the giving form just repeat the steps. 

For further information on Google Tags please visit

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