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Receiving Payments

Received payments allows you to view Generous payments to your organisation.

Received payments show you a Payment summary which can be refined by search. This includes the payment method, calculated fees and a payment summary amount. 

In Received payments, you can also export your report and view further details for each payment to your organisation. 

Note: This report only shows donations processed by Generous. If you have integrated with other payment gateways the transactions will not show up in this report. 

To view details of payments to your organisation: 

  1. Log into Generous. 
  2. Click Finance > Received Payments

  3. Select a transaction. 

  4. Click View

To export your Payment to an Organisation search: 

  1. Log into Generous. 
  2. Click Finance > Received Payments

  3. Select how you would like to export your costs either Copy, CSV, Excel, PDF or Print. 

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