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Completing the Giving Form Tab

How to complete the Giving Form tab: 

  1. Log into Generous. 
  2. Click Campaigns > +New campaign or Edit an existing campaign > Giving Form Tab. 
  3. Select an existing template or modify sections below to save a new template. Templates can also be managed in Manage Giving Form Templates

  4. Select a font and the colors you want for your campaign widget.

  5. Add gift frequencies e.g. “weekly”, “monthly” and “yearly”. You can also set one to a default option. 

  6. Select whether you will allow donors to select a start and end date for this recurring payment. 

  7. Select what payment methods you will allow donors to use out of Direct Debit, Credit Card and PayPal. 

  8. Select whether you want to see the target progress bar on your widget.

  9. Select whether donors will be able to select multiple gifts. 

  10. Select whether the donor will have the option to contribute to processing fees. 

  11. Add the percentage that will be added to the donation amount. 

  12. Add a message for the donor for contributing to the processing fees. 

  13. Select whether the donor will have a choice to opt out of the processing fees. 

  14. Add preset gifts e.g. “$20”, “$50” and “other amount”. Add details like a description and photo to your preset gifts to give donors more information about where their money is going. 

  15. Select whether you want your donors to be able to subscribe to any subscription lists. Subscriptions can be added and managed in Subscriptions

  16. Add a name if you want to save your template. 

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