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What's the difference between Generous and a third party gateway?

The differences between Generous and third party gateways: 

1. Generous supports direct debit 

Generous supports direct debit, no other gateway provides this option. 

2. Generous allows you to link each campaign to a different bank account

You can specify the bank account you want your funds deposited into with Generous. 

For example: you can run a campaign that is tax deductible and link it to a tax deductible bank account and run the rest of your campaigns to other bank accounts that aren't tax deductible. A third party gateway cannot do this. With a third party gateway all funds will go into a single bank account 

3. Generous is cheaper for organisations with a low amount of transactions

With Generous you have a single fee, but with a third party gateway you will have a merchant account fee with your bank or gateway provider (the merchant account fee is likely to have a monthly fee and percentage of the transition amount fee as well) and per transaction fee from your payment gateway provider (likely a month fee as well). Therefore the Generous gateway will be cheaper for an organisation with a low to medium amount of transactions per month compared to a third party gateway. 

4. The Generous Gateway is instantly available so you can launch your campaigns immediately 

To get a merchant account with your bank it can take 2-4 weeks to be approved. You then need an internet merchant account which can take a further 2-4 weeks from your bank.  Then you will need to apply to a gateway provider and this can take a further few days to set up, while with Generous your gateway is immediately available. 

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