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Allowing donors to contribute towards processing fees

When setting up your campaign and giving form, you can choose to give donors the option to increase their donation by a specified percentage to contribute towards processing fees.

How to allow donors option to contribute towards processing fees: 

1. Log into Generous. 

2. Click Campaign > Edit > Giving Form Tab > Gift Options > Give donor option to contribute toward processing fees?

3. Click Yes

4. Add what percentage you want your donors to contribute. 

5. Add a personalised request message. 

6. Click yes if you want to preselect the option to contribute to processing fees on behalf of the donor? (Donors can deselect)

For example: A donor who selects to give $100 on the giving form can choose to increase donation by 5% to contribute towards processing costs. Donation for $105 is charged to credit card or direct debit. Generous calculates transaction fees for a $105 donation.

Want to know more? Go to our article how to contribute towards processing fees when giving?

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