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Connecting Generous with Cardaccess

You can choose your own implementation of Cardaccess as a payment gateway.

How to Integrate Cardaccess as an payment gateway: 

  1. Log into Generous.
  2. Select Settings > Integrations > Payment Gateways > Connect to Cardaccess.
  3. Enter in your Cardaccess Merchant ID and Password. 
  4. Click Authenticate.

How to find your Merchant ID and Password: 

Note: If Generous is setting up your cardaccess you will need to provide us your merchant ID and we will configure the gateway for you. 

1. Log into Cardaccess.

2. Copy your Merchant ID and paste it in the first box in your gateway settings. 

3. Click Products. 

4. Select CAS MTP

5. Copy the Hash Key and paste it in the second box in your gateway settings. 

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