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How to add and customise the note description

The "Add a note" feature lets donors leave a note right in the giving form to accompany their donation. You can specify a custom description to go on the giving form such as "Leave a special message with my donation" or "I'd like to say a few words of encouragement". Notes are stored along with donations.

How to add and customise the note description in a campaign: 

1. Log into Generous 

2. Click Campaigns > Edit > Campaign Overview > Allow donors to add a note?

3. Click Yes

4. Add a custom message. 

Where notes are stored: 

1. Log into Generous. 

2. Click Finance > Gift History

3. Donors who have left note will have a little note icon next to their details. For example: 

4. Click on the note icon to view the note. 

Want to know more? Go to our article how to leave a note when giving? 

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