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Making donations using Text to Give

Donors will need to text a keyword and amount to your unique Text to Give number. 

Such as DONATE 50 . In this example the Keyword is “Donate” and the amount is $50.

We have programmed a number or dynamic and smart responses to interact with and guide the donor through the process.


First Time Text to Give Donations

The first time sending a keyword a amount, a donor will be sent a registration link where they will be taken to a mobile-friendly donation form.


Send a Keyword and Amount

Donors must follow the prompts on the screen register (or login if they already have a Generous™ account).

Donation From - Step 1

Donor enters their email address.

Text to Give Donation From - Step 2

If the donor already has a Generous™ account, they will be prompted to login. Otherwise they will set up a new account.








Text to Give Donation Form Step 3

Donors choose to pay via Credit Card and Direct Debit, enter their details and tap the Donate button.

  • The donor may choose to pay more to help cover the processing costs.

  • The donor can authorise their number at this step for fast donations in the future.







Once a donation is successful, a receipt will be created and is available by a link provided on the screen and also via the donors email.

Donor receive confirmation SMS

The donor will receive a personalised confirmation SMS. They will also receive an email.



Subsequent Text to Give Donations

If a donor has already made one Text to Give donation and authorised their number, they can now make donations within seconds just using SMS.


Step 1 - Send a Keyword and Amount

Donors send a KEYWORD and Amount to your unique Text to Give number.


The system will respond to confirm they want to make a donation to your charity and provide the campaign name.



Step 2 - Confirm Donation

The donor responds with a “Y” to confirm.







The donor will receive a personalised confirmation SMS. They will also receive an email.


Wrong Keyword

If the donor uses an invalid keyword, the system will provide additional instruction to get them back on track.

Keywords are not case-sensitive however they must be spelt correctly by the donor.

Next Article: Manage Donor Text to Give authorised mobile numbers.

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