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August - November 2020 Changes - Generous Charity

November 2020:  We've recently deployed the following Generous Charity improvements:

GEN-729 - "Improved Donor Bank Statement Descriptions and increased character limit for Organisation short names"

  • We've enhanced the description on a donor's bank statement to help identify that a credit card or direct debit payment was to your organisation
  • In addition, as an organisation admin, you can now use up to 13 characters to create an organisation short name - previously just 4 character (go to Settings > Organisation > General, then find the "Bank Statement Description" field)
  • Example bank statement description for Credit Card payments: GENEROUS*MyFavCharity
  • Example bank statement description for Direct Debit payments: GENEROUS*qW4Zo5 MyFavCharity.   Direct Debit descriptions also include a receipt number 

GEN-774 - "Resolve issue in Donor Portal where results were not sorting correctly by date"

  • This bug has been squashed.

GEN-748 - "Resolve issue where system failed to return correct payment method details"

  • This bug has been squashed!

GEN-760 - "Resolve issue where the new campaign button wasn't working for some users"

  • This bug has been squashed.

GEN-788 - "Resolve issue with dashboard information for some users"

  • This bug has been squashed!

  • GEN-747 "Sources of fund graph not always showing correct data"  
    • This has been fixed.
  • GEN-751 "Donor information not visible to Organisation user types until a donation had been made"     
    • This has been fixed. 
  • GEN-742 - "New Feature - Donor can share their donation via social channels include email and a share link"      
    • We've added a New Feature for Donors. When a donation is made, donors can now choose to share their donation to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn
    • Additionally, donors can share via email or copy a unique share link to use across other platforms.
    • We hope this feature will promote greater engagement and increase donations to campaigns as Donors do the work to spread the word.
  • GEN-738 - "New Feature - Donate on behalf of an Organisation"    
    • We've added a new feature whereby Donors can make donations on behalf of an organisation.
    • This option can be switched on to be included in your giving widget on your website.
    • The label for this option on the widget is customisable e.g. change it to "company" or "team".  
    • As a Organisation user type, this new feature can be also be used within the administration area when taking donations.
  • GEN-749 - "Issue where some reports showed multiple record for a single transaction" 
    • This has been fixed.
  • GEN-750 - "Search screen becomes unresponsive when clicking details pop-up" 
    • As an Organisation user type, when viewing a transaction, some features would sometimes become unresponsive. This has been fixed.
    • We have also added a progress indicator to show when the application is processing information.
  • GEN-758 - "Resolved issue where system wouldn't allow user to donate cents"
    • This has been changed to allow two decimal places.


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