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April 2020 Changes for Generous Charity

Version 1.6 -- April 30, 2020

FIXED - GEN-665 - "Copy campaign is not working"

Previously, when copying a campaign, some data wasn't copied from the previous campaign. 

  • We updated the code to ensure all details are copied including campaign gift options and presets.

ADDED GEN-668 - "Show the bank and naming of bank account in campaign screen" 

  • Added the donor's bank name and the bank account name to the campaign screen.

FIXED - GEN-676 - "Resolved erroneous validation error when navigating the campaign configuration screen"

  • Previously, an erroneous validation error was flagging when moving from one field to the next in a campaign configuration screen.
  • The behaviour of this erroneous validation error has been rectified. Was largely due to the "email" field.

FIXED - GEN-678 - "Details of Transaction in Gift History do not display the reference number/receipt"

  • Added the reference number / receipt number to the pop-up when clicking on payment in the Gift History page.

FIXED - GEN-682 - "Making a donation with an existing profile causing an error"   

  • As a donor, when attempting to make a payment after selecting an existing profile, an erroneous payment failure message would appear saying "There was a problem saving the payment information. Please try again."
  • The root cause revealed the system was attempting to save the existing payment details as a new payment profile which failed as these exist in the database.
  • Validation behaviour has been rectified. 

Version 1.5 --  February 22, 2020

  • IN-PROGRESS (ADDEDNew user type being added that allows for restricted views of campaign data. Campaign Viewer user type will be able to see the Dashboard and reports and donors, but only for those they have been assigned to and those donors that contributed to their campaign. They will not be able to update the campaign or any other system item. 
  • IN-PROGRESS (IMPROVED) Validation of BSB code on a direct debit payment. Currently, if an incorrect BSB is entered it will fail on the processing of the transaction. When implemented we will have an up-to-date list to compare the BSB to, to ensure that a simple typo does not cause an issue with processing.  It is not possible however to check the account number (until it is processed)
  • IN-PROGRESS (IMPROVEDExport of gifts and donors needs to add additional fields to be valuable for integrating with external systems e.g. mailing list and other CRMs.
  • IN-PROGRESS (FIXEDCopy of existing campaign.  This does not copy all the preset values, instead it starts with none and when the 'other' amount is missing you cannot add it.workaround - create a new campaign based on a template.
  • IN-PROGRESS (FIXEDIf you delete the 'other' amount - you cannot add it back. This will be fixed in a future release.
  • IN-PROGRESS (FIXEDGiving Form Templates are saving when there is no request to do so.  The UX is confusing and needs a button to specifically save when clicked rather then now expanding the box and the field is pre-populated and hence saving.  This is resulting in lots of duplicate templates

Version 1.4 -- November 30, 2019

  • ADDED We have added a notification email - which notifies the campaign owner when a donation has been given.  This was a request from Churches of Christ so that a partner church could be notified whilst centrally controlling the campaigns.  It is added to the Summary Tab and is not required.
  • IMPROVED A default selection is now possible for Giving values and Frequency. A campaign can be set so that a donor can complete their donation more quickly. Best practice has shown that a preset value (suggested gift) is often the most likely choice a donor will make. This allows for upsizing the giving from the lowest (left to right) choice to a higher value. 
  • IMPROVED A default selection is now possible for Frequency. Select the frequency in the drop down after having set some of the frequency options. Once selected - the widget will show the highlighted choices. 
  • FIXED bug in the widget often had button text that would overflow for recurring gifts.  This has been fixed so that all text fits within the button of the widget.
  • FIXED bug with the spacing between buttons for regular giving was not even, with 2 buttons it would overlap.  
  • FIXED bug with the button text when confirm the amount to give - did not state the amount correctly if you were to go back and change your giving. 
  • FIXED bug with the back button was not behaving correctly - it would reset the giving buttons to default instead of leaving the choices already made 
  • FIXED bug with multi-giving option was causing a lot of conflicts/issues, and has been temporarily disabled.  Users that have this enabled on their widget will still have it, however new campaigns will not be able to use this feature as we want to rethink the UX design and the data that is collected relating to this feature. 
  • FIXED bug with deleting default frequencies and then adding in 'weekly' seemed to cause the widget to not work. 
  • FIXED bug with the payment gateway integration. Integration with Stripe was not possible due to a validation issue. 
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