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Default Campaign Values for 'Giving Amount' and 'Frequency'

A default selection is possible for both Giving Amount and Giving Frequency.

Your campaign can be set so that a donor can complete their donation rapidly.

Best practice for online giving has shown that a preset value (suggested gift) is often the most likely choice a donor will use when giving. This feature allows for upsizing the giving from the lowest (left to right) choice to a higher value.

To set a preset value as a default,image.png

  1. Select the value, edit it and tick the checkbox 'Default' (see below)  
  2. Once saved, the list will highlight that choice as being the default and highlights it in the public facing widget  

To change a preset value, 

  1. Simply open another gift and tick it, it will unselect the prior one and make that one the default, or
  2. Untick the current default
    • You can only have a single default, or none

You can also set the giving period frequency default.

Having set some of the frequency options, e.g. Monthly, Yearly, One-Off, etc. You are able to apply one of these as a default.

Under Gift Options > What gift frequencies are available? Select the Default Frequency drop down value you wish to make a default. Once selected the public GUI widget will show the highlighted value (see below).


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