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Signing up Smarts - Deduping

Generous for Charity has a great sign-up feature fundraisers and accounts teams will love. Saving them hours of labour.

One of the biggest issues with public giving databases is duplicate records for givers. e.g. One person Bob Brown may give $100 to one charity (LifeKids), then a month later, as Robert Brown, gives $200 to a separate campaign (LifeKidsHospital). 

Similarly, Bob's wife Anne Brown may give $500 to her organisation's homeless shelter program. Both may be using their common family email account.

In Generous, these giving moments aren't handled separately from campaign to campaign, requiring hours of reconciliation and account matching by the fundraising/accounts team. Rather, they are bundled together, all with unique giving information, accessible to the team under the one account (their common email).

Even if the donor gives to another campaign from another organisation who is using Generous they are free to do so without having to set up a profile. All giving information the donor gives to an organisation is only ever accessible to that organisation. 

Generous makes the giving moment easy.

Generous allows and tracks all these gifts across different campaigns, different contact details, all-around one common element, the user's email address. Therefore, making it far easier for fundraising/accounts teams to track and report on common givers and not having to manage multiple duplicate accounts. 

Take for example Alex's story.

"When I engage with a giving system and I use one of many aliases, "Alexandra", "Alex", "Aleka" or even "Sandy" because I use all of these names in my life, a membership-based database will most likely start a new profile record each time, or even demand that I set up a new profile (which some people don't like doing). Most databases recognise First Name, Surname and Email generating a new record for each of my assumed profiles. This then causes an administrative nightmare.

With Generous for Charity people give via the website widget. It asks for your first name, surname, email address.This means that many hours of "manual human" deduping occurs to accurately merge all the relevant records into one.

Generous bypasses this need for deduping by its unique "smart" recognition of the email address regardless of the name configuration that is used to access the donor database.

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