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I've encountered an error. What should I do?

Sometimes users may come across an error. These errors may consist of small bugs or user blockages. They occur for a wide-range of reasons. 

We sincerely appreciate your feedback when this occurs.

It's our hope to make the Generous customer experience a really positive one so thank you for helping us with your feedback.

Please email us any of the following,

  • Device type, Apple, Android, PC, MAC?
  • What was the URL? 
  • What was the Page name? 
  • What Error Code was given?
  • Can you replicate it?
  • Can you provide us with a snap, Print Screen image, etc
  • Can you cut and paste the error text
  • Were you logged in or out? 
  • Public website? Admin Console? User Console?
  • Has it stopped you from progressing?
  • Other information?

Our Generous Customer Care Team appreciate you taking the time to provide this information. Please send your feedback to:-

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