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Importing a list of donations

You can add a list of donations from an external database to Generous (e.g. cash-type donations captured in an external system). You cannot process bulk donations you can only add and process donations via the manage donor screen, for information visit > Donating on behalf of a donor.  

To import bulk donations. 

  1. Log into Generous. 
  2. Click Finance > Gift History.
  3. Click Import Gifts.
  4. Click the "CSV File Specification" hyperlink, then click the "Sample CSV Import File" hyperlink, and make sure that the .csv file you are about to upload to Generous includes all of the mandatory information, and complies with the import requirements.
  5. Select Yes to send a receipt to your donors. 
  6. Add a tag.
  7. Select a campaign. 
  8. Select a .csv file. 
  9. Select Yes if you want to sync the offline donations to your nominated CRM.
  10. Click Start Import Gifts.

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