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Adding a donor type

You can choose to identify different types or personas of your donors.  The 'donor type' function is how you do this.  The identification can be based on any one or all of the donor's attributes - 'Cumulative Gift Amount', or 'Once-off amount', or 'Regular Gift Amount & frequency'.

Depending on the attributes required , the corresponding donors would be identified as a donor type.  You can assign a colour-code for each type.

Donor types can be used effectively to indicate whether they are regular, significant, or VIP, donors.

  1.  Click Donors > Manage Donor Types.
  2. Click Create New Donor Type, fill out required details, and click Save.

Tip: In the Cumulative Gift Amount field, enter the upper threshold that all of the donor's donations must amount to for a donor to be listed in that type / category.

The assigned 'donor type' appears as a flag against the respeoctive donor in the reports of donors.

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