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Example: Adding a Generous widget to your WordPress website

If you are using WordPress, you can integrate your Generous campaign widget into your website, and start receiving donations online.


  • A live-status campaign in Generous configured and ready to go.
  • System administration rights for your website.
  • A verified and active bank account.
The following screen-shots and steps are based on WordPress 4.9.6.
  1. Log on to Generous, click Campaigns, choose a campaign that you would like to add to a page in your website, and click Edit.
  2. Click the Embed tab, and copy the code, for example:
  1. Log on to your website, create a new or use an existing web page, and paste the campaign widget's code you had copied in the step above, for example:

  1. In WordPress, point to Appearance, and then click Editor.
  2. Press CTRL+F, type in "footer", and then click the Theme Footer hyperlink on the right-hand sidebar.
  3. Log on to Generous, click Settings > Organisation > Websites, and copy the widget's code to Clipboard.
  4. In WordPress, within the website's footer mentioned above, paste the Generous widget code, enclosing it in the tags, for example (line 24 to 42):

  1. Save your changes, log out of WordPress, and navigate back to the WordPress page you embedded the code into (in step #2 above).

The Generous widget and donation options are displayed depending on your campaign settings.

Tip: It is recommended to donate a few sample amounts to make sure they have reached your bank account.

WordPress Theme

If you are using a custom theme for your WordPress site it may have a footer code insert area you can use to simply embed this JavaScript. Please consult your theme manual for further help.

WordPress Plugin

WordPress has a handy plugin called Insert Headers & Footers which can be used to easily embed the code into the footer. 

Please be mindful to use only one of the options listed above. 

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