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Connecting Generous and Salesforce

You can integrate Generous with Salesforce. If you know your Salesforce token, you do not have to complete Salesforce-related steps below.

  1. Log on to Salesforce.
  2. Click your username, and then My Settings, for example:

  1. Click Personal > Reset My Security Token, and click the Reset Security Token button.
  2. Copy the security token emailed to you by Salesforce.
  3. Log on to Generous, and click Settings > Integrations > CRM.
  4. Enter your Salesforce username and password, and paste the security token sent to you by Salesforce.
  5. Click Authenticate

The "Authenticated as" message is displayed, for example: 

Note: If you want to test your connection to Salesforce from Generous,  you must make sure that you are logged on to Salesforce.

The next time you are creating a new campaign in Generous, you can choose to integrate it with Salesforce, for example:

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