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May 2020 Changes - Generous Charity

We've recently deployed the following Generous Charity improvements:

Generous Charity Changes

  • GEN-691 - "Add progress indicator to donor creation form" 
    • We have added a progress spinner which appears after hitting saving during the save process.
    • Once saved, the form pop-up now closes automatically, indicating the save has been made. (Removing the need to manually close the form pop-up).
  • GEN-693 - "Add ability to to filter donors by payment regularity"  
    • In the Donor Management screen, we have added a "Regularity" column that can also be filtered on.
    • And we have streamlined the values in the regularity field so they are more informative.  
  • GEN-705 - "Fix to 'staff' user type login issues and permission settings"
    • This issue has been resolved and access permissions applied correctly as per the staff usertype.  Admin users can adjust the permission settings for staff and other user types/roles.
  • GEN-707 - "Improvements to Gift History and Received Payments History screens and data extract"
    • Changes have been made to the Gift History and Received Payments screens and data extracts to ensure clarity and alignment where fields are the same. Resolved an issue with the sorting of date fields.
    • In the Gift History screen, changes include - "Method" changed to "Giving Method", "Date" changed to "Donation Date", and "Campaign Name" changed to "Campaign".
    • In the Gift History data extracts changes include - added "Account Paid Date" (showing when the donation was paid by Generous to the client's bank account), added "GL Code", and added "Campaign ID"
    • In the Received Payments screen, changes include: changed "Date" to "Account Paid Date", and newest payments will now be shown on top. Resolved an issue with the sorting of date fields.
    • In the Received Payments Details screen changes include: "Date" changed to "Account Paid Date". "Process Date" moved to the left hand side and changed to "Donation Date". Added space between words in the "FirstName" and "LastName" columns.
    • In the Received Payments Details screen data extracts changes include: Added "Accounts Paid Date" field, added "GL Code", added "Campaign ID", changed "Process Date" to "Donation Date", added "Campaign" (Name), and changed "Payment Method" to "Giving Method".
  • GEN-708 - "Removed the add gift button on the Gift History"  
    • On the Gift History screen, the "add gift" button has been removed.
    • Use the new "Donate on behalf of" feature.  It was added to the Manage Donor page where payments can be taken directly within the Generous.
  • GEN-672 - "Donate on behalf of a user - options available and screen display issues" 
    • Under Manage Donors , after clicking on "Donate", a completely revamped "Donate on behalf of ... " page and forms have been created.
    • New features in this page include: Take a payment using an existing payment method, and Take a payment using a new payment method options "cash", "cheque", and "EFT".
    • Other improvements to the layout and design
  • GEN-673 - "add more fields to the Export donors and transactions, and Gift History and Donor Management landing page changes" 
    • Gift History page - change name from "Project" to "Campaign". This was also updated in the export.
    • Gift history page - split the First and Last Name into two separate fields. Same field changes in the export.
    • Gift history page - added fields on the landing page and data export including "email address" and "phone number".
    • Donor Management page - added fields on the landing page and data export including "Donor Type", "phone number", "total donated", "last donation date", "last donation value", "donor type", and "address" fields.
  • GEN-679 - "Ability to resend receipt"
    • On the Gift History page, we've added a new "resend" button.
    • A specific email address can be selected
    • A email template for this action has been created.
    • Other label name changes and streamlining.
  • GEN-657, GEN-669, GEN-695, and GEN-696 - "Add BSB Checks for direct debit payment method" 
    • We created a check on BSB numbers against the Australian Payments Network database
    • This BSB number validation occurs both during live data entry when creating or updating a payment profile, as well as runs daily in the background across existing payment profiles.
    • If a BSB number is not valid during data entry when creating or updating a payment profile, an alert appears and the user cannot proceed.
    • If a BSB number is found invalid when daily scanning the existing payment profiles, then the donor's payment profile is disabled, to prevent future failed payments, and the donor is then notified through a new notification email.
  • GEN-680 "Enhanced receipt layout and information"
    • General formatting and spacing improvements (E.g. Address line, and value under the Frequency column, date formats)
    • Showing a new short version of the receipt number
  • GEN-681 - "resolve issues organisation assignment when creating new users"
    • This has now been resolved.
  • GEN-698 - "DonationProcessBatch system process performance improvements and bugs"
    • We improved the speed of the DonationProcessBatch process

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