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July & June 2020 Changes - Generous Charity

July 2020: We've recently deployed the following Generous Charity improvements.

  • GEN-724 - "Enhancements to Cost Entry feature - New Tags and Date fields added"     
    • As an organization user, you can now use new fields when creating Cost Entries.
    • We have added a new "Date cost incurred" field
    • We have replaced the "Cost Type" field with a new Custom Tag field.
    • We've made various improvements to the layout of the interface.
  • GEN-723 - "Enhancements to Cost Entry feature - edit and delete Cost Entries"    
    • As an organization user, you can now edit or delete previously entered Cost Entries.
    • We've also made various improvements to the layout of the interface. 
  • GEN-736 - "New Net Balance and Return Ratios added to Campaign Snapshot screen"      
    •  As an organization user, you can now see new "Net Balance" and "Return Ratio" information on the Campaign Snapshot screen.
    • The new Net Balance is the value of the Total Gifts less Costs Incurred.
    • The new Return Ratio is the ratio of Total Gifts to Costs Incurred.
    • Other minor improvements have been made to the formatting of information on the Campaign Snapshot screen.
  • GEN-737 - "Giving widget responsiveness improvements on mobile" 
    • For Donors, the layout of the giving widget has been improved when visiting your website on a mobile device.
  • GEN-714 - "New Feature - Customize the thank you box and thank you email with HTML" 
    • As an organization user, when creating or editing a campaign, you can now further customize the thank you message using HTML.
    • Additionally, you can now further customize the thank you email with HTML.
  • GEN-739 - "New Feature - add Note on Giving Widget"      
    • As a donor, you can now add a Note to your donation.
    • As an organization user you can view notes entered by donors.
  • GEN-739 - "Anonymous checkbox custom label"     
    • As an organization user, when creating or editing a campaign, you can use a custom label to describe the "anonymous" checkbox.
  • GEN-725 - "Improved performance of the date picker when searching in View Gifts"
    • This has been fixed.
  • GEN-717 - "Ease of use improvements to pop ups"      
    • We have made improvements and standardisation to pop-ups and buttons across the platform including standard arrangement, colour, size and behaviour.
  • GEN-715 -  "Enhanced Import Capability" 
    • We have made further improvements to the Import capability for Organisation Administrators, when importing offline donations data.
    • Upon successful import, we've added some additional options which include
      • option to process payments, and
      • option to choose to send a receipt to the donor.
    • Additionally we've made improvements to the user interface and the import process.
  • GEN-720 - "Issue with the log out user experience"     
    • This has been fixed.
  • GEN-661 - "New User Type - Campaign Owner"     
    • We have created a new user type called "Campaign Owner". This user type is best used for team members that require access to 1 or more campaigns and need to manage donors and donations for those campaigns.
    • Previously the "Staff" user type provided team members the ability to manage donors and donations however this user type has access to all campaigns. And so the new "Campaign Owner" user type gives you the ability to limit the campaigns that a team member can access.
  • GEN-721 - "User Creation process improvements"       
    • As an Organisation Admin, you will need to create users. We have improved the process and user experience with creating new users for your organisation.
    • Improvements includes
      • additional validations to prevent data entry errors,
      • additional messages to support Admin through the user creation process,
      • a successful save of data input will not close the dialog box,
      • you can now effectively cancel any draft changes being made, and
      • we've made improvements to the layout of data.
  • GEN-726 - "Issue when Searching Donors" 
    • This has been fixed.
  • GEN-713 - "Ability to add a new payment profile"     
    • As an admin, previously you would only be able to edit an existing payment profile.
    • We have now added the ability for Admins to create new payment profiles. 
    • Additionally, we've made updates to the create payment profile user interface and improved the data input validations to minimise data entry errors.
  • GEN-703 - "Updates to user experience with updating Credit Card details"   
    • This process has been improved, and now only the expiry date and CVC are requested, with other details retained (though still encrypted).
    • In addition to this, we enhanced the CVC input validation for AMEX cards which have 4 digits (previously we were checking 3 digits as per standard for other card types).
    • In addition to this, we've enhanced the Credit Card Number input validation which notifies users in real time that they have made a data entry error.
  • GEN-712 - "Add Account field to data extract"   
    • we have added the Account name to data extracts to enable mapping gifts and received payments to your bank account using data extracts.
  • GEN-711 - "Updated CVC number validation when making a donation using a saved credit card"   
    • As a donor, when making a donation using a saved credit card, the system was asking for the CVC number again.
    • This process has been updated to follow standard practice, and the CVC number will now only be requested when a donor chooses to enter a new credit card for donations.
  • GEN-692 - "Resolved issue with multiple user logins within the same web browser" 
    • Previously if someone logged in as seperate users on separate tabs within the same web browser, they may have encountered various errors.  
    • This has been resolved.
    • Note: If using Google Chrome, for best performance we recommend users use incognito-mode to login to seperate accounts at the same time.
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